Sunday 20 January 2019

New update - minor bug fixes

After yesterday's post I felt it was necessary to get my arse in gear and do some work. A couple of minor niggles had been pointed out in the past 5 weeks or so, and so I got down to fixing them.

Let me tell you this: the first half hour or so felt like I was wearing someone else's shoes or something. I had little clue what I was doing! It is amazing how quickly you de-skill if you don't work at something... Eventually, though, I got myself together and remembered both the structure of the app and how to write some code. I fixed four or five issues, and it felt GREAT! I have uploaded the fruits of today's work.

Next goal: more work on Equipment Engineer. Watch this space...!


Saturday 19 January 2019

Starting up again...

Wow.... the Christmas rush, then the holiday period, then the post-holiday depression. 2 months have passed with no updates at all!

I've been hard at work trying to get caught up. I have added some videos to the Patreon site ( and I updated the 1d6 Adventurer Compendium. I went through it all and standardised some of the presentation. It was a mammoth task, but it is done!

With those out of the way, it is about time I started programming again. That's where all of this started, after all!

Oh, and happy new year :)