Sunday 4 February 2018

Twitch broadcast

I am going to be broadcasting live on Twitch on Saturday 10th February 2018 at 8pm GMT. I'd love it if you could join me.

I am going to run through how to use the software, including some of the more hidden features. I am happy to answer questions, but because of the delay that Twitch puts in, I'll not be watching the chat live. If you have a question you'd like me to address email it to me beforehand, or send it to me via Discord.

I'll record the broadcast and add it to the site in due course in case you have things to do on a Saturday night that are more interesting than hobbyist software :)




  1. Will you be putting up the demo video online for us who missed the live broadcast? NPC Engineer is great but I am uncertain of some keypoints which I am sure a demo video would help clarify.

  2. Hiya GM Oly!
    I'll try to. I have OBS set to record to my hard drive and Twitch set to record too. The only hurdle after that is if Blogger will host it. I can always start a YouTube channel, I guess! It has always been my goal to add video tutorials to the site.

    You can also grab me on Discord - we can screen share or chat about issues. :)


  3. I have uploaded this archive of NPC Engineer in our FGC YOutube channel for now.