Sunday 4 March 2018

It's been a long time since I rock n rolled

Well now, it has been a month since I posted here. I feel remiss, and ever so slightly grubby. I offer my heartfelt apologies! To make up for it, I have posted a new version of NPC Engineer (1.0.13 for those who are counting) and a trial version of Spell Engineer that doesn't import or parse yet, but it will save anything you type in. In addition, here is the link to the Twitch broadcast last month, in case you missed it and want to have a look: Fantasy Grounds College YouTube.

About Spell Engineer.... it was a relatively easy module to write, and I applied some of my newfound skills to it to make working with the information far easier. I wish I'd known what I do now when I started NPC Engineer! I have met a stumbling block, though, and again I am victim to this whole project growing up from nothing into something, with no planning along the way. The way projects are dealt with is too intertwined with NPC Engineer, and I need to unpick that before I can move forward with Spell Engineer. Boooo..... but it keeps me busy.

So onwards and upwards and thank you for reading!



  1. No worries bud! Take your time and do that voodoo that you do, we'll be here waiting!