Sunday 22 April 2018


Time flies when you are having fun...

I realise that these posts are getting pretty sparse these days, and that's mainly because I am too immersed in the writing of code to write a blog. So what's been happening, I hear you ask? Well....

The NPC reference manual is nearing completion. The index page is up and running, bar some tweaking of the automatic layout into 2 columns. It looks great, even if I say so myself! No title/credits page yet, as I need to get the rudiments of RefMan Engineer running for that. It won't be difficult though (I hope!). All the elements for what I want to do exist elsewhere in the program suite already.

I've gone back to NPC Engineer and tidied up a few things. It makes the program nicer to use overall. There are many small improvements; read the changelog for them. Casting/Innate casting import has been tightened up, though, so far less errors should occur.

I've been looking at how to change things to allow for Warlock casters. I still have no real clear way forward here, and it is annoying me.

I've also been looking at allowing re-ordering of traits and actions, an oft-requested thing. It is a tonne of work, though, and I am struggling to get my head around it. I think I am going to have to go ahead and build a new system rather than tinker with the current one. *sad face*

Work on the 1d6 Adventurers module continues apace, and it is going to be a cracking wee advertisement for NPCE. Many of the improvements I made recently were as a direct result of meeting little issues as I worked on this.

Finally, I might not be around too much over the next two months - work commitments. I'll try to keep working on little aspects of the program though, as this is now my main way of relaxing. Well, this and shouting at football!


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