Tuesday 10 April 2018

More on the reference manual

I've got quite into making the reference manual pages look as good as they can. I now have a footer with automatic art attribution on the pages that have art, along with a wee plug for NPC Engineer!

My next goal for the reference manual is to make an automatic contents page, with NPCs listed by type and clickable. This will have some nice artwork as part of it. Following that, I want a title page with credits incorporated. This obviously needs to be edited somewhere, so it looks like a version of RefMan Engineer will have to be born to allow for this. It can grow bit by bit as I add other modules.

Spells need some sort of love in this area too, so there will be spells listed alphabetically (page per letter), and eventually a clickable index of spells by caster and a title page.

After that, I can start to look at  other reference manual pages and functions.

Onwards and upwards, as they say!


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