Thursday 18 October 2018

1d6A Compendium gets a massive update!

After a summer/autumn of avoidance, of programming and of video making, I finally forced myself to get back to adding monsters from the 1d6 Adventurers guys. Well, I found out that they don't slack off! I added just over 80 monsters over the last couple of days, and that really focuses your NPC building technique. So just in case you are new to Engineer Suite, here's what I think to be the best way of working. Note that preparation is half the battle!

  • I downloaded the pdf for each NPC from the id6A Reddit site, loaded them all into PDFmate and left it for a minute or so to extract all the images from all the files.
  • Next I named each image. This is tedious, but saves a tonne of time in the long run. Copy folder name, paste onto image name. Repeat nearly 100 times.
  • Move all the images into a dedicated folder.
  • Use TokenStamp2 to create a token for each NPC. Move all of these to the same dedicated folder.
  • Load each image into an image editor, resize it, apply a background, apply a border, save.

That was day 1.

  • Use 'Import' in NPC Engineer and copy the text from the PDF or webpage for each NPC. I find the web page easier.
  • Add the token.
  • Add the image. Copy-paste the attribution information (artist name and website). This is tedious but necessary if anyone else other than you is going to see it!
  • Add the description last of all.
  • Check that spells imported correctly.
  • Save and Add to Project.

Done :)



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