Saturday 13 October 2018

Patreon site launch

I have launched a Patreon site.

I don't expect to get rich from it - that isn't the goal of launching it. I am using it to keep myself motivated for an aspect of Engineer Suite that doesn't excite me - making video tutorials. There have been a few requests for these, though, and as Engineer Suite gets more complex they will become necessary.

So far I have just uploaded a single video (about the various program wide settings), and this was more to test out the video recording software, the video editing software, the animated intro, and my own ability to speak without stumbling over every second word! All of that (except the last) went well, so I'll give it a go. I reckon I have thrown between 10 and 15 hours at this so far, so I only need about 100 subscribers to reach minimum wage!

There are a lot of areas to work through, and I intend keeping the videos small and manageable. I don't have the Youtuber 'talent' to pad out 90 seconds useful content to a 30 minute video, so that'll help! If you can see any way to improve this offering, please let me know.

I am uncomfortably aware that some people have already been very generous with their donations, and I can't find a way to make Patreon let these people in for nothing. I am keen that no-one should be paying me via both avenues, so if you have 'bought me a coffee' already you can send me a note of your name and email address (PM on Fantasy Grounds forum, email, Discord PM, any other way you wish) and I will email links to private versions of the videos as and when they become available.

The Patreon site is - I hope to see a few of you there!



  1. Excellent, thank you! I appreciate it.

  2. Hey Maasq- is there a preferred way you like ppl to contact you if we run into something that isn’t working with the suite?

    1. There's two main ways.

      1. Discord. I have it on my phone as well as my PC, so even if I am at work I can still at least acknowledge you. It allows for a real-time conversation about an issue, and in worst case scenarios screen sharing to pinpoint faults. This is my preferred way!
      2. The issue tracker on the Github site. If it is a bigger issue or a feature request, it's worth popping it on there. I'd use this 'as well as' rather than 'instead of'.

      Both of these can be accessed from the 'About' box in any component of the Suite.

      Speak to you soon!