Sunday 24 December 2017

Almost there with a 1.0 release

I have been progressing slowly with the final couple of issues, and took the opportunity to add a couple of features. I thought I'd make a note of what they are just now as a means of motivating myself (and keeping track - it may be a couple of days before I get a chance to sit in front of a computer again).

Cancelling an import now returns you to the previous state as you would expect it to, rather than erasing information or overwriting it. It seems so simple, but this has been plaguing me since I put a GUI on my script. I finally knuckled down and sorted it. Cigars and medals all round!

A new feature is the ability to add terrain types and mythologies to your NPCs, allowing other ways for them to be indexed in Fantasy Grounds. For example, you could tag your NPC as being from the Norse mythology and be found in urban settings. Although this may not be universally useful, it was a requested feature and I liked the cut of its jib.

Another new feature is still being worked on - NPC Engineer will check the latest release at a set frequency (once a fortnight perhaps) and alert you if a newer version exists.

Anyway, if you are reading this on the day it is written - have a wonderful Christmas whether you celebrate it or not. I wish you the true gifts of the season: peace, joy and hope.


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