Wednesday 29 November 2017

Demonstrations & video guides

I got roped into a group chat about NPC Engineer on Discord the other night. It was a pleasant surprise - there are quite a few people using it, it seems, and they were interested in seeing some of the intricacies demonstrated. Five minutes turned into half an hour, and it confirmed that a reference manual is not the only way to teach people about software. So as well as making me feel a little bit important (honesty, eh?) the chat turned me on to the idea of doing video guides for various elements of NPC Engineer.

This won't be a simple undertaking, as I've never done anything of this ilk. So more software to learn, some planning to be done, and some prepping to make sure I don't scare users away - shave, moisturise, learn how to smile without looking like a secure hospital patient, practise not picking my nose/breaking wind/scratching when the camera is on. It's going to be brutal, isn't it? :)

I'll set some time aside during the Xmas holidays to do some video guides, then. Setting up a project, preparing traits & weapons, importing from pdf/web sites, building an NPC from scratch, descriptions, parsing. Anything else? What should come first? Leave me some feedback in the comments below.


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