Sunday 12 November 2017

You want PAID?!?!

In short; no.

However, a couple of people on the forums have said that they'd like to donate something for my hard work, and it seems rude to refuse such kind offers, doesn't it?

There is no charge of any kind for NPC Engineer, nor will there ever be. I wanted to give something back to the community at Fantasy Grounds, and if the truth be told the whole project was really an excuse to start programming again. It has been a great journey, one that has got my kids interested in both D&D and programming as well as given me a deeply fulfilling hobby. It is rewarding enough to get some positive feedback, and to know people are finding my work useful.

Mind you, Jack Daniels doesn't buy itself, so if you want to donate I'll not refuse. Pragmatic, that's me!


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