Sunday 26 November 2017

Still learning

The further I get with this project, the more I learn. I know that's hardly deep educational insight, but I surprise myself with how motivated I have remained throughout this project. It has required some resilience at times, but it has all been worth it. This latest raft of new features and improvements really feels like some polish is being added to the program.

There are only two major features to be added to NPC Engineer now - templates and a more graphical output pane. I'd love to have something that resembles a 5E statblock; watch this space to see if I can make it work. AHK is not an eye-candy language, so it'll take some graft to get anywhere with this!

I think my hack for getting around multi-paragraph traits and actions will need further work too. It is going to get caught out, and there needs to be a way to fix this. More thinking to be done here.

I have been asked for a couple of additions to the GUI and I'm not sure about either of them. Again, more thought is needed. One of them might need me to move about 100 GUI elements, which is reason enough to refuse!

Last, but not least, I need to find a way to incorporate spell lists in the description now that the Rich Text box is there.

So although the finish line truly is in sight, there's enough to keep me going until Christmas and beyond. And then? And then Spells Engineer, I think. Small steps.


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