Friday 1 December 2017

Running out of version numbers :)

I do update a lot, don't I?

This is because I am a committed developer, devoted to users of my software. And not at all because I am a slapdash, work-shy bastard that releases dodgy code that's untested. We have this cleared up? Good....

So I think I will keep major version numbers (0, 1, 2.....) for generations, just like most developers. Rewrites, and so on. I am approaching version 1.0, I guess. I'll use decimals for structural changes or major updates (0.8, 0.9......). Revision numbers will be reserved for the addition of features or functionality (1.1.3, 1.1.4......) and minor edits or bug fixes will have a letter, as I am doing now.

All these updates happen for a reason though - there are now a number of people using the program and finding out its flaws, inconsistencies and so on.

If there are issues of any type, please keep letting me know. Email, on this website, on the FG forum, or on Discord. Just let me know what the issue is, and copy-paste the text that caused it.

Thanks for all the help in testing!


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