Sunday 17 December 2017

Writer's block.

I'm staring at the screen with no motivation to do anything. Why is this happening? I've had a week away from coding because life is busy, and I have 3 distinct things to work on to 'finish' NPC Engineer, but I can't get the motivation to start on any of them.

This sort of thing used to happen to me mid-project way back when I used to program. Basically I had the ideas, did all the easy stuff and maybe figured out some of the big meaty bits of the project, but there would be a yawning chasm before I got to the finishing stage. The yawning chasm was too bif, and so many projects got to a half-arsed state and then abandoned.

NPC Engineer has been different... I have kept focused on it through doing it in chunks. I am a finisher-completer (I have been told in work); this part should be the easy part for me. I've done all the difficult stuff. AAaaarrrgh!

Is it just the unrelenting nature of preparing for Xmas as a single parent? Is it the fact I had to pay £120 for a new car battery last night 9 days before Xmas? Stress can be a fun-killer. Or am I just a lazy git? :)

Whatever it is, I need to get my act together and finish this program. Send me some motivation, in the comments or on Discord!



  1. Merry Christmas Eve, Maasq!
    I just came to the website to get the latest update the program, saw this post, and felt compelled to give you some encouragement. I know that I have found myself in the doldrums of a project before, and I can empathize with the lack of drive to finish.

    So, I want to share with you my own experience with the program. I DM 2 different campaigns concurrently (used to be 3, but we just finished one). One of these is fully online using Fantasy Grounds, which has been such a great tool for bringing my far-away friends together semi-regularly. Fantasy Grounds has been great for me, since I have limited money to spend of the fun extras of life. (baby on the way!) I have been building ~everything~ that I own physical copies of from scratch, and the NPC engineer tool of yours has been so invaluable to me. It easily cuts my time in half, at least, and allows more time for actual game prep. So, from the bottom of my heart - thank you for all the time you've put into this program. You have made this stranger's life a little easier and a little better.

    That being said, it's the holidays! Take as much time as you need for family and fun - take some you time if you need it. While you have lots of people who are really excited about this program (and the next modules you work on), none of us want you to burn yourself out or grow resentful of this work. We love what you do, and will take anything you give us.

    Encouragement is free, easy, and plentiful. I'd be happy to give more if you ever need it!

    FG Forum user: CapitanAndyman

    1. Andy, thank you so much for the kind words! There's a small group of people who chat on the Discord channel, but I have no idea of how widely used the program is outside of that. To hear that it is having a real positive impact is wonderful, and it will give me a shot in the arm. I was just in the process of writing another blog entry about the little updates that I have been making, and I hope to have another update out tonight.

      Have a great Christmas, and congratulations on the impending baby. If it is your first, you've got so much to look forward to. Mine are 9 and 8 now, and the past 9 years have been the best of my life. If you already have other kids, you know this already :)