Wednesday 13 December 2017

Cleaning up

My last post said I was going to clean up some of the little issues that made NPC Engineer lack polish. I've started, but I also realise why these issues exist. I am a lazy b They can be tricky to fix, and they are no fun whatsoever to code.

The stray text issue requires the full backup state, and that's a big task with all the myriad variables that I use. I'm really suffering from not knowing enough to go object programming from the start. The size of the task sucked all the colour from my world and the joy from my heart and sent me scuttling towards the Xbox instead. I'll get on to it soon (TM).

I fixed the issue(s) with file select boxes, though - if you cancel out of one, NPCE will no longer continue to do whatever it likes. It will do exactly as you asked - it will cancel the operation.

Grand. And in the process of this update I wrote a regexreplace command without looking at any sort of documentation; when it worked first time I nearly fell off the seat. It's only now that I feel I can call myself a programmer! It is strange the milestones we set ourselves unconsciously...


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