Sunday 10 December 2017


Well, with the program approaching official release status, I'd best get to work on dealing with all the niggly wee issues that plague any project like this. For NPC Engineer, the issues are all around what happens when you don't do what you are meant to.

If you open the import box and add some text, then cancel, you can still find that text floating about in some variables. It is easy enough to work around - just hit 'new NPC' before doing any work - but it is time to sort that. This requires making a full backup state, and this is where I weep at not building the whole program on an object model. Another reason for a version 2.0 one day....

If you cancel out of any file box, it still tries to import or save. This is either a minor annoyance or a royal pain in the arse depending on how often you do it, or how much rogue unnamed files on your hard drive annoy you.

I still need to add spells to the 'description' properly. They were there on the old description box, but that code is incompatible with the new Rich Text box, so I need to do something with it.

So there's my hit list for the run-up to Xmas. Ho ho ho.

I really want to start something else now. I'm getting itchy fingers :)


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