Thursday 25 January 2018

Amazing healing properties of a decent sleep!

So in my last post, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Thankfully, I got past that and started chipping away again. There were several things at play, not all of them my coding, and they were building up to a 'perfect shitstorm'. With the stalwart help of Colin, though, I managed to track down what the issues were.

The solution was to start at the beginning, rather than trying to treat the symptoms. I changed the 'settings' dialogue and tightened up control of the starting directories, and the issues in the project data structure just melted away - that programming was fine after all.

The lessons to be learned? Grow up (no tantrums!), back off, have a decent night's sleep, and think about the problem while driving!

To those who offered support - thank you. That definitely helped!


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