Sunday 14 January 2018

Future developments

This is where I see the project going in the near future. Longer term goals are to have all elements of Fantasy Grounds parsing covered, but there is no rush to completion on that front. Some of the items in the list are those suggested by viewers of the AMA on Twitch. If I missed any of the other excellent suggestions, let me know!
Nothing listed here is guaranteed to be written; don't be trying to sue me! It isn't an exhaustive list either, and I am very much open to suggestions - leave comments here or ping me on Discord. The list for NPC Engineer is getting shorter now...

NPC Module:

  • 'Wizard' for NPC creation.
  • Templates

Spells Module:

  • Importing from a variety of sources.
  • Exporting to text and HTML.

Other Modules:

  • Items module
  • Tables module
  • PC module
  • Races module
  • Classes module
  • Reference Manual module



  1. Hey Maasq,

    Great piece of software, just found it recently. Are you planning to include in your "Templates" project a Racial Template for NPCs? As in automatically adding the Dwarf racial traits to a generic humanoid Druid, for example?

    Also, it the copy feature, to copy the graphical stat block, fully implemented? I can't make it work for me and, since I'm a old man and I still like to have all my stuff in paper, I would love to have that implemented. I used the D&D Monster Maker before and, while their exporting features works well for me, their input comes nowhere close of what you've done here.

    Well, keep up the good work

  2. Hiya F, and thanks for the kind comments!

    The templates, when I get around to them, will be exactly as you say - layering different templates to produce unique NPCs. It won't happen for a while, though, as I want to get some work done on Spell Engineer.

    The copy feature is fully implemented, yes - but it won't work well in many word processors. It depends on their implementation of RTF. Microsoft Word works as far back as 2003 I think it was, and WPS Office (which is free) also imports it perfectly. Google Docs and OpenOffice don't, sadly.
    Open your NPC, hit the button 'Copy Statblock' and you should get a message about your NPC being placed on the clipboard. Then switch to Word and CTRL-V to paste it. I just checked it there and it is working perfectly. As it is the RTF version, it isn't as pretty as the HTML version in the program. :(
    Give me a shout in Discord if you need to screen share for any reason!

  3. Any plans for a jpg or png output option?


    1. Hi Jimmy

      Not at the moment, for the simple reason I can't find a way to do it. Screengrabs would be far too low resolution so they aren't an option. I will add it to the wishlist though and look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!