Monday 29 January 2018

Welcome back, HTML - my old friend.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate RTF? Really? I'll try not to repeat myself too much then :)

I found a way to make the ActiveX control behave itself. The main reason I had had to use the evil RTF control was that the ActiveX one grabbed focus when clicked and didn't let go. This was a disaster for a program like NPC Engineer. So I made it completely unselectable, and built scroll routines to make up for this. It all works pretty well and I am very happy.

Today was all about fixing the final output to work with HTML, so all the slog with the RTF was binned. Well, that's not totally true - I still use it in the 'import' box. Anyway, I took the opportunity to play with css and HTML, and now the viewport (fancy name for the right hand box) is as pretty as a pretty thing. It has proper triangular section ends, it has wee pictures for 'image' and 'frame chat' tags, the frame chat gets boxed, and spells get listed in a decent looking table.

So after a hellish start, programming wise, this has been a decent week. I've had a couple of requests to rework the 'skills' tab, and this (if I do it now) is definitely the last major work on the NPC module for now. If not, it'll be the first revision after I get some work done on spells.

Cheers for the support


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