Thursday, 18 January 2018

The semi-regular 'I'm almost finished now' post!

Yep, it is time to claim I am almost finished with NPC Engineer again. I'm sure someone will hit me with a great suggestion, or find a bug, and I'll be eating humble pie - but the goals for calling it a 1.0.0 release have all been met, and barring bug reports, I really am going to try to start another module next week.

So this update saw me dancing with RTF again. Did I mention that I hate RTF? Anyway, eventually I got to the point where you can add spells to the description (with decent tables even!) and you can format paragraphs as 'frame text' for Fantasy Grounds.

So where next for NPC Engineer? There are still plans for it - BB code output, a 'create-an-NPC' wizard, templates - and it is time to branch out. Spells next, then I think I should try to have a shot at reference manuals.

Thanks for the support, folks - the chat and feedback on Discord keeps me going!

OK - see you in the bug reports :)


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