Friday 5 January 2018

Copy and paste statblocks

I've done it!

After about 6 weeks or so of trying, I have finally managed to crack the clipboard. It is now possible to put that statblock from the right-hand side of the screen into any rtf-aware program, where it can be edited, resized, re-fonted.....

Basically, NPC Engineer can now give you a lovely statblock for both the Fantasy Grounds version and the pdf version of your masterpiece. This was a long-standing goal of mine, and it feels great to be making progress. Things aren't perfect yet; it may be a few days before this version gets released. For a start, it turns out the statblock is too wide for a standard page (well, it sits at more than 50% of the page width). I'll fix this, and with a bit of effort I should even be able to allow you to scale the width to whatever you want.

So right now, OpenOffice and WordPad work perfectly with my function. Word 2016 throws a tantrum and doesn't display it perfectly. Google Docs doesn't want to know, and it isn't my fault - it just won't let you paste RTF. There's a workaround if you HAVE to work in Google Docs; it's clunky as hell and I'll let you search for it (so that you don't shout at me for it!)

So I have plenty to work on here - make it work with 2016 (I think I can do this), make it narrower (I know I can do this) use variable widths to allow users to set the width in cm (I should be able to do this) or inches (only if I receive death threats or a thick pile of used and unmarked notes; I hate imperial measurements!)

What I CAN'T do without a tonne of work that isn't (a) fun or (b) related to the core function of NPC Engineer is make one of the 2-column statblocks. Sorry!

If anyone wants a test version to play about with, contact me on Discord. I can always use beta testers!


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